Fire Twins: Cotton

Fire Twins: CottonFire Twins: Cotton

Cotton Evans, teenaged witch and drug-runner, hadn’t always been like this. Not always did every spirit and ghost, angel and god appear before him. His insanity began the day a silver box called to him, and opening it, he freed the twin spirits that control his heart with shivering marionette strings.

Up until now the witches of Newport, Pennsylvania have been able to hide from the outside world, but when Cotton frees the Fire Twins, members of a Y2K meth cooking cult start trying to capture him. Cotton and his best friend, Tommy, must use their powers to rid their town from an evil and manipulative vampire who claims to be a “Man of God.”

Fire Twins: Cotton is part four of the full-length novel, the Fire Twins, which will be published serially. The fifth and final part, Kathleen, will appear September 2014.

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130 pages, Published by Dan Boehl. First Edition, 2014, ISBN: Pending.
Cover by Carlos Rosales-Silva.

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